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Hand Protection

Provide your personnel with hand protection products and help prevent hand injuries. We carry a large selection of gloves for different applications, from tasks requiring increased finger dexterity, protection when working around heavy machinery, to protection against dangerous chemicals and much more. All our gloves are manufactured using high quality materials. Keep safety gloves handy and ensure your operations meet OSHA hand protection standards.

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According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), in general, safety gloves can be classified into 4 groups:

Leather, canvas or metal mesh gloves - these can be used for protection against cuts and burns.
Coated fabric and fabric gloves - these can protect against dirt, abrasions and slivers; the coated fabric variety has either a full or palm side rubberized coating providing slip resistance.
Liquid and chemical resistant gloves - these are made from natural or synthetic rubber; latex examination gloves would fall under this group.
Rubber insulating gloves - these are designed to protect against electric shock and are run through a test specific for electric shock.

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