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ToughWash® Signs

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Emedco offers ToughWash® signs that can withstand extreme washdown environments. These signs are ideal for industries involved in food and beverage processing, general manufacturing and warehousing, and pharmaceutical processing.

ToughWash® signs are resistant to harsh environments, allowing you to inform employees of workplace hazards, equipment and process instructions where needed. These washdown and heat resistant signs are available in standard encapsulated plastic, and metal and x-ray detectable materials, and can be customizable, with clear graphics and text.

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ToughWash® signs are premier products for the food and beverage processing industry that can withstand the harsh wash down process.

Emedco offers these durable signs in three materials:
B-866 - factory-printed rigid aluminum signs with protected graphics. Their front and back have a special coating that protects them from harsh temperatures and pressures. This coating also protects them from harmful chemicals.
B-863 - factory-printed custom signs with a polyester film top coat and acrylic adhesive, allowing them to adhere to common surfaces without risk of damages.
B-862 - factory-printed metal detectable custom signs with a polyester film top coat and acrylic adhesive. These signs are recognizable under common metal detection systems.

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