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Heat Stress Products

Feeling tired and dehydrated because of the heat? Don't take how you're feeling lightly because you might already be suffering from heat stress.

When you work outdoors in the sun and heat, or indoors near machines that give off large amounts of heat, you need to stay hydrated. The body loses fluids and essential minerals in high heat or high exertion situations. This high fluid and mineral loss can leave you feeling exhausted and dehydrated and if left unchecked can lead to more serious illnesses. Heat stress products from Emedco are designed to help combat the body's fluid loss and keep you cool and hydrated.

Keep your employees safe - check out Emedco's line of heat-stress products. Choose from OccuNomix MiraCool® Products, single and multi-person stress kits, Coleman® coolers, Gatorade and Heat Stress Kits!

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Heat stress is one of the highest health risks related to exposure to high temperature environments. A hot environment adds extra strain to your body as it works overtime to cool itself to normal body temperature.

Exposure to extreme heat at work can result in illnesses such as heat exhaustion, heat stroke, heat cramps or heat rashes. These illnesses if left untreated can lead to more serious conditions.

If you are working at a construction site or indoors beside machines that generate a lot of heat, you should always be mindful of the signs of heat stress. Drink plenty of fluids such as water, try to stay indoors during the hottest time of the day and develop a heat stress prevention plan.

Here at Emedco, we offer a complete line of heat stress products for your specific heat exhaustion prevention needs. Try our OccuNomix MiraCool® products – designed to increase alertness and productivity with the use of cold therapy. Our Heat Stress Kits contain products to provide quick relief in case of mild exhaustion. We also carry beverage coolers by Coleman® in different capacities, ideal for storing water or other cool beverages.

Come check us out to find out more about heat stress and other First Aid products! Only from Emedco, industry leader of Sign and Safety products.

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