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5S Visual Workplace

Motivate your employees to keep the workplace clean and organized with 5S visual workplace and lean solutions. Your workers will be more inclined to work effectively and safely in a clean and orderly environment. Cluttered and untidy work areas get in everybody's way and compromise work quality. Don't let this happen. Implement the 5S program -- Sort, Straighten, Shine, Standardize and Sustain -- to achieve a clean and productive workplace. Here at Emedco, we understand how you value a tidy and well-organized work environment -- and you can make that happen! Emedco's trusted selection of 5S products such as 5S and lean solutions banners, tapes, labels, signs and red tags are guaranteed to provide a constant reminder for your workers to keep organized. View our Lean 5S Product Selection Guide here.

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Are you looking for an effective way to keep your workplace neat and organized? Try the 5S program! Because Emedco is all for a safe and organized work environment, we offer a wide and trusted collection of 5S visual workplace products that will surely improve your facility's productivity, quality and well-being.
5S and Lean Solutions Banners - Boost safety awareness and efficiency with Emedco's line of 5S banners. Our banners are made of durable vinyl for long-lasting use and features motivational messages such as "5S Depends On You"! 5S and Lean Solutions Tapes - Clearly indicate where trash bins, machines, and other items should be placed. Choose from our selection of 5S and lean solutions tapes including Custom Clear Floor Tape Labels and Thin Tool Marking Tape that can withstand chemicals, oil and grease. 5S and Lean Solutions Labels - Run an efficient business by making sure everything you need are in their proper places. Use 5S labels such as Garbage Can Floor Identification Systems, Cart Floor Identification Systems, and Foklift Floor Identification Systems to help organize your workplace. 5S Red Tags and Stations - Use red tags to easily identify items even if they have been moved and have not been used for a while. Emedco offers quality red tags including Self-Adhesive Red Tag - 5S Red Tag, Out of Service Production Status Tags, and many more! 5S and Lean Solutions Signs - Provide clear warning and information with 5S signs such as High Visibility Overhead Signs - Red Tag Area. 5S stencils also available.For all your 5S and Lean solutions needs, trust Emedco to provide you with a complete selection. Stock up on 5S products now!

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