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Liquid Proof Gloves

Liquid gloves are the proper hand protection equipment when you need to keep your workers' hands dry. Constant exposure to liquids can increase the likelihood of chafing which can, in turn lead to cuts. We carry a full range of work gloves designed to protect against liquid like latex gloves, nitrile gloves and more. All our liquid proof gloves are manufactured using only the highest quality materials so you can be assured your personnel gets the best protection.

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Latex is one of the most common materials for water resistant gloves. Liquid latex gloves have very good tensile strength and offer a high degree of dexterity, as well as being quite economical. However, latex has been known to cause allergies. In fact, some people have developed an allergic reaction due to prolonged exposure to the material, even if they haven’t demonstrated any previous allergy.With this in mind, be sure to take a survey of your workforce to see if anyone has experienced latex allergy. You may also want to consider providing liquid gloves made from other materials, like vinyl, butyl, or nitrile.

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