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Hand Protection Accessories

Use glove accessories to add another layer of hand protection to your facility's operation. We offer hand protection equipment accessories such as Kevlar sleeves ideal for providing cut protection to your workers' arms; and bakers pads, designed to provide quick protection against burns when handling hot objects. All in all, our line of hand protection accessories is what you need when you want to enhance your existing hand protection program.

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Kevlar sleeves are one of the most versatile hand accessories. Kevlar sleeves are worn on your workers’ forearms and effectively extend the area being protected, from just the hands to almost your workers’ full arms. Another handy accessory is the Ergodyne glove grabber. This piece of equipment attaches easily to tool belts and keeps gloves within reach, in case these need to be removed.While these equipment can help make life easier for your workers, it should be impressed upon them the importance of always wearing their safety gloves when within their respective work areas.

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