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Confined Space and Hot Work Tags

"Hot work" is defined as cutting and welding operations that involve the use of portable gas or arc welding equipment. It typically involves soldering, grinding, brazing, cutting and other similar activities that produce a spark, flame or heat. In confined spaces (e.g. tank, boiler or pressure vessel), these activities can pose serious hazards to the workers performing them and others in the area. To ensure the safe execution of hot work, follow all necessary precautions, especially those outlined by OSHA standard 29 CFR 1910.252. This includes:

Taking all movable fire hazards to a safe place
Using guards to confine heat, sparks and slag
Providing proper ventilation for toxic materials

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Emedco Confined Space and Hot Work tags come in a variety of options including: hot work permit tags, cutting and welding permit tags, confined space entry tag and confined space inspection tags. They are manufactured in cardstock or tyvek.

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