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Decibel Status Signs

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Decibel status signs let workers know whether the sound level in facilities or around equipment is safe for work.

A variety of decibel status signs are available from Emedco. Made from high quality materials, you can use these signs indoor and outdoor without worrying about abrasions or disrepair.

Whether it is mountable or adhesive signs you need, we have decibel status signs that are ideal for your safety needs. Check out our products below.

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Protecting the hearing ability of employees from harmful decibels is important in keeping them and their workplace safe.

Emedco's decibel status signs warn workers whether they need to wear ear or hearing protection while working in certain spaces or with specific equipment. These signs play your choice of safety messages when workers pass by; reminding them of the safety precautions they need to follow.

Our decibel status signs are available in high quality materials like impact-resistant plastic. They are also easy to install as they can be standing, mountable or adhesive signs, allowing you to mount or adhere them to walls, or prop them up on tables.

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