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Work Gloves

Our line of work gloves is ideal for general industrial tasks, including material handling, carpentry, masonry work and much more. Our gloves are manufactured from a wide range of high quality materials, including leather, knitted cotton, rubber and more, providing your personnel with the right type of hand protection for the right job. We also carry thermal work gloves, ideal when performing tasks in either hot or cold environments.

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Work gloves and other hand protection equipment are one of the personal protective equipment that you, as an employer, have to provide your workers. That said, the responsibility of maintaining their gloves, as well as other ppe falls on your workers, according to the Occupational Safety and Health Organization (OSHA).With this in mind, be sure to remind your workers to clean their gloves after work, and especially if these get too grimy. Excessive amounts of dirt can shorten the service life of your gloves, especially if these are leather. Be sure to air dry gloves away from sources of heat, as this can cause cracking, especially with leather work gloves.

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