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Forklift Alert Systems

Warn workers of forklift traffic with a forklift warning system.

Forklift alert systems are effective in helping reduce the risk of forklift accidents in workplaces. They warn operators and pedestrians in the vicinity of possible forklift collisions or near misses. They feature visual alarms that can be clearly seen throughout work areas.

Our products help employers identify, monitor and secure forklift risk areas. They help consolidate and manage recorded information of forklift collisions and near misses, preventing future possible occurrences.

Check out our forklift warning systems and improve safety awareness within your facility.

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Emedco offers forklift alert systems from Tapco that are quick and easy to install and use. Our products mount easily and stay out of the way of workers, forklifts and other machineries. They utilize highly visible flashing signs that warn operators and pedestrian workers of the impending danger of collisions.

Our forklift warning systems also feature a 24/7 setting and low voltage wiring, with optional motion and presence detectors and optional vehicle speed sensors. Motion and presence detectors utilize active microwave and infrared devices that detect vehicles and pedestrians accurately, while vehicle speed sensors can detect compact vehicles from 300+ feet.

Buy our forklift collision warning systems now and make sure your workers' safety 24/7!

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