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Anti-Fatigue Mats

Keep your workers comfortable while working! Choose from Emedco's selection of anti-fatigue mats today.

Anti-fatigue mats are essential equipment for standing workers in your warehouse, factory and other facilities. These mats help relieve painful foot and leg stress from standing for long hours. Anti-fatigue mats can also add another layer of safety within your facility by preventing injuries. Most anti-fatigue floor mats help achieve this by preventing slipping on spills or wet areas, and providing cushioning against hard floors should slips or trips happen. Emedco offers safety mats in several sizes and designs to meet the needs of your facility.

Take a pick from our range of anti-fatigue mats, and let Emedco help you make a safe and comfortable workplace for your employees.

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When standing for long hours is part of the job, trust Emedco to make it easier for your workers.

Standing or walking for extended periods of time causes blood and other fluids to accumulate in the lower extremities, resulting in labored blood and oxygen circulation in the body. This can mean pain, exhaustion, and weariness, and result in as varicose veins and poor posture in the long run.

Anti-fatigue mats offer a number of health benefits to workers who spend most of their time at work standing or walking. Virtually all industrial facilities feature hard, concrete floors. Unfortunately, these types of floors provide no protection against impact or allow better blood circulation to the legs, especially during standing for extended hours. Anti-fatigue matting acts as a shock absorber dissipating your worker’s overall body weight, preventing it from all being centered on their legs and feet. Floor mats also double as “safety cushions" during slips and trips.

Emedco sells a wide variety of safety mats from manufacturers you know and trust, such as Happy Feet™, F.I.T.™, 24/Seven®, and Rejuvenator®. We also have floor mats from Tuf Sponge that ergonomically reduces floor hardness by 50%, and diamond-plate mats with Nitricell®sponge base for maximum comfort. If you’re concerned about style, our attractive marble-top floor mats are the right choice for you.

There is no need to shop anywhere else for your facility safety needs — Emedco's got you covered!

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