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Specialty Material Signs

Sign Buying Guide

Specialty material signs are Emedco's latest addition to our ever-expanding range of safety products. These specialty signs are designed for use in work environments where regular signs may prove ineffective. One such application is in food processing plants where safety signs are regularly subjected to harsh washing. Our line of ToughWash® signs are designed for use in such environments, allowing you to get your safety message across while being able to withstand every day wash down procedures that can make ordinary signs fade or become illegible in time.

With our new line of specialty material signs, we at Emedco are ensuring every workplace safety scenario is addressed! One such scenario is in the food and beverage industry. In these facilities, safety signs are often subjected to aggressive wash downs cycles that can render them faded and illegible.

To help ensure you get the most out of your safety signs, we are offering a line of specialty signs, like our new ToughWash™ signs, which are manufactured from materials designed to withstand this type of environment. ToughWash™ workplace safety signs not only stay legible even after aggressive wash downs, but are protected from the caustic chemicals commonly used for cleaning.

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