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Confined Space Products

Prevent unauthorized and unwanted access to tight areas with confined space signs

Confined space safety products warn workers not to enter potentially dangerous closed-in areas that pose a risk for flooding, toxins, asphyxiant gas, or fire. OSHA-defined confined spaces include any area with limited access to entrances and exits, unfavorable ventilation, or areas not designed for continuous worker occupancy. Help alert employees to dangerously close spaces by placing signs and barriers that restrict entry.

OSHA has defined a confined space as an area with limited access to entry or exit, unfavorable ventilation, and/or not a place not designed for continuous worker occupancy. Confined spaces are particularly at risk for flooding, toxic, asphyxiant gas, or fire.

Signs and barriers can help alert employees to danger and keep them safe, and air quality detectors are available to test for a wide variety of gases. They also meet IPX5 standards.

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