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Inspection Mirrors

Stop theft and crime before they happen. Use Emedco's inspection mirrors to make sure nothing dangerous gets into your facility.

Inspection mirrors are a convenient and easy way to look under vehicles and machinery or around tight corners. Inspection mirrors save time and may spot things missed in other types of inspection. Plus, they are durable and easy to maneuver into different positions. Use them to check under trucks and equipment or above high shelves. More importantly, make sure that you have car inspection mirrors near entrances and exits for thorough vehicle inspection.

Emedco offers a variety of inspection mirrors for all your needs. Choose from several designs available and push your facility's security level a notch higher.

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Make security your number 1 priority. Employ inspection mirrors in your facility now and prevent potential dangers.

Inspection mirrors are a great tool you can use to keep your grounds and employees safe from harm. Note that not all dangers are within the walls of your facility; sometimes they come from the outside. A thorough inspection policy can help you prevent dangers from getting in. Instruct your employees to use vehicle inspection mirrors at entrances and exits to check the undercarriage of vehicles going in and out of your facility. Aside from vehicle inspection, these mirrors are also a great help in machine preventative maintenance. You can use them to look underneath or at the top of heavy machinery, particularly when doing so yourself might risk an injury or even death.

Emedco’s inspection mirrors come in different makes and models. For vehicle inspection, choose those that come with wheels or a swivel base for ease and efficiency. Lighted inspection mirrors are available too for better visibility. Most of our mirrors also feature adjustable handles and detachable heads for easy storage and use, as well as rubber handles for firmer grips.

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