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Delineator Posts

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Effectively direct pedestrian and vehicular traffic with guide posts. Use them to mark driveways and control the flow of traffic.

Here at Emedco, we offer a wide variety of delineator posts for your crowd and traffic control needs. Choose from flexible guide posts, surface mount posts, in-ground posts, plastic and heavy-duty guide posts. Our post stanchions are an effective way to direct pedestrian traffic and organize crowds of people. You can also use these to control facility and roadway traffic patterns.

With Emedco's complete line of quality guide posts, you will never have to worry about securing and managing your facility!

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Control traffic patterns and increase safety in your grounds and facility with guide posts.

A guide post is an effective crowd and traffic control barrier, making it an essential part of any crowd control system. Use this tool to direct traffic in banks, restaurants, arenas, sports venues, parking lots and drop-off points, along roadways and many more!

Flexible guide posts can resist impact when hit by vehicles. We sell standard flexible guide posts in a variety of colors as well as guide posts that feature wordings or messages for added impact. If you need to direct traffic in both bright and low-light conditions, driveway markers are what you need. Driveway markers come in a variety of different colors and reflect the light from headlights to direct traffic as needed. Choose from a variety of shapes and sizes.

To complete your building and grounds sign and safety system, Emedco offers a great line of Sign Posts, Stanchions and Accessories. Our sign stanchions and sign posts provide a handy and effective way of displaying signs in your buildings and grounds. Our wide range of post mounting and installation products help make installing signs and reminders safe and easy.

Whatever your crowd control or display needs, Emedco has the right solution for you at the best prices!

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