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Instead of wiping up an unexpected spill, try sweeping it up by using granular absorbents. Simply pour the granules on the spill and allow the clay absorbent to soak up chemicals, oils, and water-based materials. Re-Form™ loose granular absorbents are made of 100% recycled materials to help you meet your eco-conscious goals. If you're looking for a solution for smaller spills, consider the SpillFix granular absorbent from Emedco. We have all of the spill control products you need to keep your facility safe.

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You don't always need to use absorbent pads, rolls, or socks to clean up accidental spills. Using granular absorbens can reduce waste and be better for the environment. Simply pour the granules on the spill, wait for it to absorb, sweep it up and properly dispose it. Emedco offers advanced spill control solutions to maintain the safety and cleanliness of your facility.

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