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Confined Space Safety Products

Is your workplace:
a) large and configured enough for an employee to enter fully and perform assigned work,
b) not designed for continuous occupancy by the employee, and
c) lacking a spacious and unobstructed means of entry or exit?

If you answered yes to all of these questions, then your employees are working in a confined space -- which means you need to protect them by using confined space safety equipment. Understanding confined space safety will help you protect your employees from possible serious risks in confined spaces.

Sounds complicated? Don't worry! Emedco's got you covered! With our topnotch confined space safety products such as confined space markers and confined space barriers, you can minimize accidents and injuries in your workplace!

Trust Emedco to address your confined space safety needs.

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Knowledge is power indeed, and the best way you can protect your employees is to keep them informed of the risks surrounding them. Not sure how to do it? Promote workplace safety in your facility with these three easy steps:

1) Conduct a confined space training to inform your employees what to do in case an emergency happens. Let them undergo a drill, detailing the steps they need to follow. After all, experience is the best teacher.

2) After the training, make sure your employees get certified. Confined space certification adds confidence to your trained employees and informs the others whom to turn to if they need assistance.

3) Spread the word and remind everyone what they need to do. Use confined space safety supplies such as tags, labels, stencils, tapes, wallet cards, and floor stands to make your message omnipresent.

Emedco offers a wide variety of confined space safety supplies that will keep your employees cognizant of the possible risks they face. Use the Confined Space Certification Hard Hat Label to give pride to your confined space-trained workers. If you need to block off a specific area in your confined space, then choose the Confined Space Barricade Tape.

Order confined space safety equipment now to protect your employees. Your choices are endless here at Emedco, the industry leader in safety and security.

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