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Padlock and Spring Hinge Seals

Don't make the mistake of leaving your assets unprotected! Choose from Emedco's padlock and spring hinge seals to prevent tampering and theft.

Spring hinge and plastic padlock seals provide maximum security for your facility. They are easy to use and don't require any tools for applications. Since such seals are for one-time use only, you'll know right away if someone tampered with your property. Emedco's padlock and spring hinge seals come with numbering options for security purposes and easy inventory control. Some of our padlock seals also feature the word "SEALED" to clearly indicate security status.

Padlock and spring hinge seals from Emedco are available in a variety of options. Choose from our seals now and prevent tampering in your facility.

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Using spring hinge seals and padlock seals is an efficient way to secure items, requiring no tools for application.

Spring hinge plastic seals are designed for use on pouches, meters or zippered money bags with a hinge that springs open if tampered. As the name suggests, these seals have a spring-action hinge that effectively reveals tampering. Emedco's spring hinge seals are easy to close - you can do it even with one hand! That is kind of handy when working on large inventory, and you got lots of things to seal up. Our spring hinge seals also feature a break point for easy removal.

Padlock seals, meanwhile, are ideal for use on seal meters, drums, instruments and valves. These seals lock in place like a regular padlock and feature a stainless steel hasp that won't rust, which has to be destroyed to be removed.

Emedco's seals can also be customized! Just choose from any of our custom padlock seals or spring hinge seals, add your own wording, and specify the control number. If you're not sure what type of seal would best suit your needs, take a look at Emedco's Seal Guide.

Emedco is the most trusted authority when it comes to property safety and security. Use any of our spring hinge seals and padlock seals to keep your property secure!

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