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Intruders with malicious intentions can lurk anywhere. Thus, whether you work in an office, school, factory, retail store, or hospital, workplace security should be on top of your list. This makes an identification system using badge accessories a must-have for every facility. Emedco has you covered. Choose from our wide array of high-quality identification accessories such as badge holder clips, visitor badge holders, visitor passes, log books, ID badge accessories, and many more! Make executing your workplace security system quick, affordable and easy with badge accessories from Emedco. Trust Emedco, the industry leader in security solutions, to help you create a safer workplace for everyone.

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The possibility of crime occurring within your premises is a reality you have to be prepared for. Crime can happen at any given time, which means you should not waste any moment. Ergo, start preparing now. For quick security solutions, turn to identification products such as identification badges and name badge accessories. Badge accessories make identifying and tracking your employees and visitors fast, easy and organized. Emedco offers a wide selection of top-of-the-line identification accessories such as: * badge holder clips - conveniently attach to badges for a secure hold* visitors log book - records the name, company, date of entry, badge number, and arrival time of your visitors* visitor badge holders - made of durable vinyl that keeps adhesive badges in place* card clamp badge holders - hold cards tightly without damaging them, eliminating slot-punch damage to magnetic strips, smart chips, or embedded coils card clamps* badge holder adaptors - eliminates frequent badge replacement from damaging pin holes. Grab your badge attachments today from Emedco. With our discounted prices and 24-hour shipping feature, you can rest assured you get the most bang for your buck - and implement your security policies right away.

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