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Cut-Resistant Gloves

For situations where cuts and abrasions are a hazard, provide your workers with cut resistant gloves. These types of gloves are designed and manufactured to provide protection when performing tasks like grinding, machining, materials handling and other similar tasks. We carry a large selection of work gloves with varying degrees of cut resistance so you can source out the right pair for the job at hand. Examples of cut resistant work gloves include those manufactured from Kevlar to heavy-duty leather.

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Cut resistant gloves can be made from a wide variety of materials capable of providing different levels of protection. Some examples of these materials include:

Leather - Leather gloves have been around for a centuries and provide good cut resistance as well as abrasion protection.
Metal mesh - For obvious reasons, metal mesh gloves provide excellent protection against cuts.
Canvas - Gloves made from this material may give some protection against cuts when handling glass, and moderate protection against abrasion.
Aramid and para-aramid fibers - This group includes Kevlar; this material makes excellent cut resistant safety gloves that also offer heat-resistance.

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