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Adhesive Parking Permits

Adhesive parking permits minimize your risk of crime by controlling access to your parking lot. Adhesive parking permits are a great way to keep track of every vehicle in your lot. Permits are easily spotted by security when applied to each vehicle. Adhesive parking permits come in several shapes including oval, square, diamond, shield and car shaped. Other styles include self-cling permits and permits on-a-roll, which are the best choice for high volume use. Simply apply adhesive parking permits to bumpers, mirrors or windshields. Identify authorized vehicles in your parking lot and keep unwanted vehicles out with adhesive parking permits.

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Adhesive parking permits are a great way to control parking in your parking lots and roadways.

Adhesive parking permits easily stick to car mirrors, windows, bumpers or windshields for a semi-permanent parking system. Choose from numbered or unnumbered permits, reflective or non-reflective permits. We even have tamper-evident parking permits that indicate if a permit was removed or tampered with.

Our adhesive parking permits come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors. You can even customize them with your own message, graphics, numbering and logos. When you customize online you can see the custom parking permit as you design it!

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