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Polyester and Vinyl Asset Labels

Keep track of your assets, equipment, and machinery with durable and economical polyester or vinyl asset ID labels. Both styles use heavy-duty adhesive and they work well indoors or outdoors under moderate conditions.

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    Custom Self-Laminating Label

    Custom self-laminating vinyl labels protect hand written information, and ensures your important message will not be defaced or changed.
    Starting at $1.29




    Ultra-Adhesive Custom Labels On A Roll

    Ultra-Adhesive labels allow your messages to withstand the harshest of environments.
    Starting at $885.60

    Roll of 1000 Labels


  3. Stock Polyester Asset Labels

    An economical alternative to custom asset tags

    Pack of 100 Tags

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  4. White Polyester Laser Printer Labels

    Create your own custom labels in the quantities you need
    Starting at $113.99

    Pack of 1000 Labels

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  5. Permashield™ Bar Code Laser Printer Asset Labels

    Print your own labels for harsh conditions
    Starting at $292.10

    Pack of 1000 Each

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5 Products

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TuffGard polyester labels are made to be used in a moderate environment (no harsh weather, chemicals, etc.) should be applied to a clean, dry surface, and have an average outdoor durability of 2 years.

TuffGard labels are made from 3-mil, multi-layered metalized polyester and have a gloss finish. They use a permanent, pressure-sensitive acrylic adhesive and come in strips of 10 labels. You can also find custom vinyl labels on a roll. These are durable but economical and have permanent self-adhesive backing that adheres to most surfaces. They come in white vinyl with the option for black, blue, green, or red print. Custom vinyl labels also have the option for bardocing and / or consecutive numbering with your choice of number height.

Mondo-Bondo labels are for when when you need property ID labels that will work in harsh environments. These are made using our strongest adhesive, and they never curl, warp, or fall off. They're ideal for textured surfaces, powerder-coated finishes, or low-surface energy plastics like computer monitors, laptop cases, etc. They're a white polyester label with a 5-mil rubber-based adhesive and they come in a roll. As with the other labels, these have options for barcoding and consecutive numbers. The expected outdoor life is 3-5 years.

Still don't see exactly what you need? Check out our_customizable asset ID labels and tags.