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RFID Asset Tags

The most streamlined and efficient way to manage and track your business’s assets

Managing and keeping track of important assets is a key challenge for businesses in any industry. Asset loss, theft, or even just time lost by searching for equipment can add up and be incredibly expensive in the long run.

Companies have traditionally addressed this issue with spreadsheets, unique serial numbers, or even simple barcode labels, but RFID asset tags are way more efficient, require less manual labor overall, and greatly cut down on wasted time and labor when it comes to asset tracking.

Emedco’s selection of 100% customizable RFID tags are universal in application, as they can be used on nearly any type of fixed or mobile assets and on surfaces of all kinds. Whether you’re using RFID technology for inventory management in brick-and-mortar retail spaces, merchandising and shipping cargo, tracking rental equipment, or even organizing your warehouse or storage center properly, RFID tags can help employees efficiently and accurately track, select, and distribute assets, as well as speed up their daily work processes.

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What does RFID stand for? RFID Meaning:
The RFID abbreviation stands for Radio Frequency Identification technology.

How do RFID Tags work?
RFID asset tracking systems use electromagnetic fields to transmit programmed data from a microchipped RFID tag to a reader/scanner and into an asset tracking system of some sort. RFID readers can generate and read the information on the RFID tag’s microchip, making it easy to program various pieces of data (serial numbers, bar codes, product information, etc.) onto an asset tag for easy tracking and management.

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