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5S Stencils

Avoid hallway traffic and create orderly walkways with 5S stencils!

Communication plays an important role in your 5S and lean process and 5S stencils can help ensure its continuous improvement. 5S stencils are fast and efficient way to direct your workers to appropriate areas in the facility as well as remind your workers of workplace safety precautions. This includes using 5S stencils to warn your employees of forklift traffic, directing workers to the right fire exits, and reminding them to wear appropriate protective equipment in hazardous areas in your facility.

Trust Emedco to provide you with a quality collection of 5S stencils to create uniform and professional looking markers that will last a long time. Stock on up on 5S stencils today!

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More than just housekeeping, 5S stencils help maintain a clean and organized facility for a long time. Our line of 5S floor stencils help properly mark your floors of direction, safety guidelines and more! Emedco takes pride in making sure you get the best value for your money, so we offer a wide variety of clear, easy-to-read, and durable 5s floor markers for all your floor marking needs!

Ensure hallway traffic flows smoothly and safely with our floor stencils that read Stop Proceed Slowly, Crosswalk Proceed with Caution, Caution Watch for Forklifts, Chock Wheels Before Loading Or Unloading, and more. Use 5S stencils to clearly mark designated areas, hence keeping your facility organized. 5S stencils that read Fire Extinguisher and Garbage Can to name a few, also helps your employees know where items and equipment are and where they should go after use.

Emedco also carries Safety Protects People Floor Stencil to remind your employees to promote safety while at work. Advise your workers to wear appropriate protective equipment. We have Hard Hat Area, Hearing Protection Required, and Safety Glasses Required floor stencils.

Don’t leave out your hallways and walkways when implementing 5S and lean manufacturing methods. These areas also need to be organized to contribute to the overall cleanliness and tidiness of your facility.Also looking for other 5S products and supplies? Check out our 5S page today and find quality 5Sand Lean Solutions Signs, Banners, Tapes, Labels, Red Tags, and more!

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