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5S and Lean Solutions Tapes

Take a step to the leaner side! Mark each area in your facility with 5S tapes from Emedco.

5S floor marking tapes keep your employees informed of your 5S and lean practices and help them develop professional habits beneficial to the company. A 5S tape indicates where machines, bins, trash receptacles, and other items should be placed. With each area properly marked, your employees will know right away where they are in the facility and what that area is for - essentially cutting on time and effort spent on looking for specific places such as storage areas and production floors.

Emedco's 5S and lean solutions tapes are durable and can withstand chemicals, oil and grease. Follow the 5S philosophy now and let us help you on your way to successful lean operations.

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An effective 5S system starts from the floors and works its way up. Emedco’s range of 5S tape will get your own 5S system started in no time.

In lean manufacturing or lean production, one of the general rules is that anyone can walk into any work area and realize the work flow in not more than a minute. This level of visual transparency in the workplace is achieved by using 5S solutions like 5S tapes. There is no official color-coding standard and you can choose the colors depending on your facility’s needs. It is suggested though to utilize some established color guidelines that most people recognize, such as the ANSI colors. Also, use as few colors as possible to make it easier for your employees to remember what each color indicates.

Emedco offers a great selection of floor marking tapes and other 5S products, to help you fully implement lean manufacturing practices in your facility. There are many colors for you to choose from. Worded 5S tapes are available as well to further aid your workers in remembering color designations. Take a pick from wordings like TRASH BINS, CLEANING SUPPLIES, INCOMING GOODS, and WORK IN PROCESS. And if you can’t find the wording need? Don’t worry. You can customize your own tape with Emedco’s easy-to-use Do-Your-Own application!

With hundreds of 5S products in stock, all you need for a “leaner" workplace is here at Emedco.com!

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