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Confined Space Marking

Warn pedestrians and other workers of enclosed spaces with confined space markers. Confined space markers prevent injury and liability by alerting people that there is a confined space entry in progress. Confined space marking includes stencils, labels, floor stands, barricade tape, permits and tags. Ensure safety on your work site with confined space markers.

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Confined spaces can be found in almost any workplace. Included in the list of areas that can be considered confined spaces are tanks, vaults, storage bins, silos, manholes and pipelines, among others. Since these areas are not designed for continuous occupancy, confined space safety must be made a priority.
To help keep employees safe and informed while working in these closed-off areas, you should use the right Confined Space Marker.
Emedco carries a wide selection of Confined Space Marking Equipment and labels to help you meet workplace safety compliance regulations. Our self-stick Confined Space Markings, Tags, Stencils and Permits are easy and convenient to use and correctly identify these confined spaces.
Whether you are looking for Hot Work Permit Tags or Confined Space Floor Stands, we all have it here at Emedco, your one-stop source for quality Safety products.

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