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Receptacle and Container Accessories

Parking lot recycling and trash accessories from Emedco are designed to compliment your facility. Choose from a variety of trash cans designed for use outdoors or indoors. Waste Receptacles enforce cleanliness and recycling at your facility.

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    Emedco's line of Parking Lot Recycling and Trash Accessories are not just for parking lots, these are also great for use inside your building and around your facility._Designated smoking areas, rest rooms as well as recycling area waste receptacles are just a few of the places and products that can be used with these accessories.
    Floor identification labels point out recycling areas; wrap-around cigarette receptacle signs make cigarette debris containers more noticeable; sanitary napkin receptacles help ensure the hygienic disposal of sanitary napkins; we even have full-size, outdoor smokers shelters for those who want smoking areas that are outdoors but not necessarily out in the open.
    These Parking Lot Recycling and Trash Accessories do a great job of promoting cleanliness inside and outside your facility, even when these are used for more than just your parking lot.