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Recycling Receptacles and Containers

Parking lot and grounds recycling receptacles easily collect and transport all types of recyclable waste. Recycling receptacles are available in several styles including square, round, outdoor and desk side containers. Emedco also offers 2 types of lids that accommodate bottles and/or cans. Outdoor recycle stations are long lasting to withstand weather and abuse. Parking lot and grounds recycling containers encourage recycling and make it easy to maintain a recycling program in your facility.

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Promote your facility's recycling program with Emedco's Parking Lot and Grounds Recycling Receptacles.
Recycling containers
let you organize your waste into different types of recyclables for a more efficient pick-up and disposal routine. Get people to separate cans from bottles easily with the help of these blue, durable containers.
Choose from round or square recycling receptacles in different sizes - from small desk-side containers to large outdoor recycling barrels and bins. For a more effective recycling program, use these bins with Emedco signs and labels that show people where these receptacles can be found.

Whatever your waste recycling needs, Emedco's line of Parking Lot and Grounds Recycling Receptacles will surely help enforce a successful recycling program within your facility.

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