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Provide workers with safety vests to ensure they can be easily seen in all weather conditions. Like other personal protective equipment (PPE), these vests act as your employees' first line of defense. Reflective safety vests make your workers more noticeable to the equipment operators or motorists because of the vests' reflective stripes or patches. Vests are perfect for employees who work in parking lots, on roadways, or around construction sites. Emedco offers a variety of ANSI compliant safety vests to choose from, including an ANSI Class 1 Florescent Orange Vest, an ANSI Class 2 Two-Tone Safety Vest and an ANSI Class 3 Orange Vest.

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All workers should be provided safety vests if they work in areas that are difficult to see or near roads. These highly visible vests make them stand out in all weather conditions and warn motorists or equipment operators to be cautious. The American National Standard for High-Visibility Safety Apparel and Headwear (ANSI/ISEA 107-2010) categorizes the safety vests into three basic classes: Class 1 offer the minimum required material to distinguish the wearer from the environment. If your workers operate in zones exposed to traffic under 25 mph, then they should wear Class 1 vests. Parking attendants, service truck drivers, and maintenance staff along sidewalks all wear Class 1 vests. Class 2: Class 2 vests enhance visibility during inclement weather. If your employees work near moving vehicles driving 25 mph, then they should use Class 2 vests. Guards who assist pedestrians in school zones, airport ground crew, and toll booth operators usually wear this kind. Class 3: Vests in this category provide the highest level of visibility. Employees who work in high-danger zones or near traffic exceeding 50 mph should wear Class 3 vests. Road construction staff, flagging and survey crew, emergency responders, and train personnel wear these vests. Class 3 vests have sleeves and are usually paired with reflective pants. Provide your employees with additional security against work-related injury with safety vests from Emedco.

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