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Bollard Covers

Protect your bollards from rust and decay with bollard sleeves

Use bollard sleeves to cover up your old bollards and reduce maintenance costs. Bollard sleeves save you time and money from re-painting. Easily slip over existing bollard to resist fading, rust, and cracks.

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Reinforce bollard posts in your work area with bollard sleeves from Emedco.
Bollard sleeves serve as a protective covering for and are useful in refurbishing old posts. Products like Reflective Bollard Sleeves are made with low-density thermoplastic polyethylene. This makes them UV-resistant and prevents fading. These bollard sleeves come with reflective stripes that make posts highly visible to motorists and pedestrians. These also provide worn-looking posts with a fresh, neat appearance.
Maximize your facility's resources and protect your bollard posts using Emedco's bollard sleeves.

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