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Hanging Clearance Barricades

Increase clearance visibility with reflective hanging clearance barricades

Hanging clearance barricades provide maximum visibility by day or night. Each Hanging Clearance Barricade comes with a reflective surface to increase visibility from long distances. Place them above doors and entryways that are lower than most trucks or cargo vans, since they won't chip or crack if struck by a vehicle. Designed to be highly noticeable in low-light conditions, our hanging clearance barricades come in both ready-made and customizable options.

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These clearance barricades are designed to provide highly noticeable clearance warnings which drivers can see even from a long distance. Each hanging clearance barricade comes with a reflective surface, making it visible even in low-light conditions. Make sure that your facility uses these hanging clearance barricades when the height of doors and entryways are lower than most truck or cargo van heights.

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