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Lanyards help maintain a safe and organized workplace. Thanks to pre-printed lanyards, in just a glance you can spot visitors, contractors, and even staff members. With a variety of colors to choose from, you can even color coordinate to determine which department your employees work in. Badge lanyards display employee and visitor badges with comfort and style, and they even help eliminate lost ID cards. Lanyards feature a durable cord and many badge fasteners to choose from including bull dog clip, split ring, swivel hook and more! If you can't find the exact working, create custom lanyards online in moments.

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Maintain a safe and organized workplace by giving all your employees a lanyard from Emedco. We offer many types, including pre-printed lanyards that read Visitor, Contractor, Staff, Support Our Troops, and more. These words help you to quickly identify staff members and guests in a crowd, which is important in the event of an emergency. Breakaway lanyards that disconnect quickly in the event of an emergency in plain braided or weave are available, as are a variety of different fasteners, including bull dog clip, split ring, swivel hook and more. Lanyards aren't just another accessory, they aid in enforcing your building security policies by keeping badges visible and properly attached to authorized personnel. With so many options to choose from, you're sure to find the perfect lanyard here at Emedco.

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