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Badge Reels

Keep your badges and ID cards in one convenient place with badge reels.

Badge reels securely hold badges with a reinforced, vinyl strap clip that can help eliminate ID card loss. Your workers may sometimes feel wearing their ID can getting in the way of their work. Badges and IDs can also get stuck in machines or equipment, dipped in chemicals or other liquids, both of which may result in injuries. Retractable id reels can help prevent these things from happening. Make sure your employees wear proper identification with id badge reels

Here at Emedco, we offer a trusted selection of retractable reels. From lanyard and reel combos to heavy-duty badge reels -- we got you covered. With badge reels, wearing your ID can be handy and easy to retrieve when needed. Check out Emedco's collection of retractable badge reels today!

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Wear your ID or badge without the fuss. Check out Emedco’s line of trusted retractable badge reels for a convenient way of wearing your identification cards.

Your badge reel aids in enforcing your building security policies by keeping badges visible and properly attached to the authorized personnel. Our selection of quality-made badge reels provides a comfortable alternative to lanyards. They are available in a variety of colors and cord lengths with a standard ID clip to accommodate most IDs.

Emedco’s badge reel variants include:

Premier Badge Reels - This badge reel easily secures to your belt loop, keychain or purse so your ID stays with you all day.

Translucent Badge Reel - Keep your badge and ID handy and easy to retrieve. Emedco’s translucent badge reel comes with a belt clip that easily attaches to your clothes without causing any damage.

Heavy-Duty Badge Reel - For overall durability, use use heavy-duty badge reel. This badge reel is made of metal and is stronger and larger than standard lanyards.

Swivel Badge Reel - Ideal for displaying your ID the proper way. The back of the clip rotates down, allowing your ID to always be upright and readable.

Lanyard Badge Reel Combo - Features extended reach for easy access control. This badge reel comes with a flat tubular lanyard with a breakaway link.

For the best identification solutions, trust Emedco to provide you with everything you need!

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