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Scoreboards and Electronic Signs

Emedco's scoreboards and electronic signs are great tools to keep workers aware of the company's existing safety condition and motivated to keep their workplace safe. Scoreboards indicate the current safety status of your facility with a count feature that displays the number of days worked without an accident or incident. We offer scoreboards in numerous formats with a wide variety of features perfect for any type of facility - they're even customizable!

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Keep your employees motivated and eager to do well at work with Emedco's Motivational Scoreboards and Electronic Signs.
Workplace Motivational Scoreboards and Electronic Signs from Emedco come in both electronic and manual versions. Simply choose the one that will best suit your office - electronic versions are great for big workplaces, while manual ones are ideal for smaller facilities.
Some electronic scoreboards from Emedco are UL approved and can even display custom safety messages. Manual safety scoreboards, meanwhile, can be written on with the use of a marker.

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