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Safety Lanyards

Safety lanyards are another other class of equipment absolutely necessary for fall protection. When used in conjunction with harnesses fall protection lanyards can provide your workers with the proper protection when working in elevated areas. We offer lanyards by the industry leaders in fall protection, in a number of designs, so you find exactly the type you need. All fall arrest lanyards meet OSHA and ANSI standards for fall protection.

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Fall protection lanyards serve as the connection between your workers’ safety harness and the anchorage point. There are generally 2 types of safety lanyards, specific to a system, namely those for fall arrest systems and those for positioning and restriction.Fall arrest lanyards often have an energy absorption element, diminishing the amount of force workers will experience through their harness. This shock-absorbing element can reduce potential injury.Lanyards used for restriction and positioning are, as their names imply, designed for positioning and to restrict movement when working in elevated areas. Consequently, these should not be used as fall arrest lanyards.

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