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Safety Harnesses

Where equipment is concerned, a safety harness is one of the most important elements for fall protection. This piece of equipment is the one that is worn directly by personnel and is counted on to provide fall protection. We carry a large selection of safety harnesses including those by manufacturers like MSA, DBI Sala and more. All harnesses are manufactured to high standards and are compliant with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) regulations.

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A full body harness is the component of a personal fall arrest system that that distributes the force of a fall. The way a harness is designed allows these forces to be distributed along the shoulders, thighs and pelvis. The D-ring located at the back of the harness is the one used as the connection to the safety lanyard. Front and side D-rings are to be used only for positioning.It’s important to remember that harnesses are the only fall arrest equipment that should be used for arresting falls. While other body support equipment like body belts can be used for fall prevention, only a fall arrest harness is actually designed to protect your workers in cases of free falls.

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