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Safety Goggles

For tasks that can produce larger flying debris, such as heavier masonry work, metal grinding cutting, and the like, safety goggles are the right protective eyewear for the job. Emedco carries a large variety of goggles with different design features, so you can choose the right one for the task at hand. We carry popular eye safety goggle brands like Jackson, MCR, 3M, and more.

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The biggest difference between safety goggles and safety glasses is the coverage one provides over the other. In simple terms, safety goggles provide a wider coverage since this type of protective eyewear typically covers the top, bottom and sides of the eyes. Also, goggles are typically secured via straps, so these fit more snugly and won’t dislodge more easily.Goggles can also be worn over prescription lenses, so if your workers need to wear their eye glasses to see clearly, you may want to provide them with goggles. Since eye safety goggles are meant for tasks producing larger flying debris, you may actually wear your goggles over your safety glasses.

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