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Knee Pads

Workers, athletes and even military personnel need to use safety knee pads or kneeling pads for additional support and padding when certain tasks require them to kneel while working.

Emedco offers ergonomically designed products, like gel knee pads that ensure the best comfort and safety. Made from high quality materials, our construction and industrial knee pads offer excellent value, preventing bruises and other injuries caused by repetitive kneeling from occurring.

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Knee injuries are common workplace injuries that can be prevented by wearing safety kneeling pads or knee pads. These injuries can be caused by doing repetitive or frequent work-related tasks, such as kneeling, stooping and squatting.

The knees are a system of muscles, tendons and ligaments, cartilage and bursa. These are all highly susceptible to injuries, caused by continuous stress, and wear and tear.

Emedco offers a full line of industrial knee pads, made from quality materials, such as nylon fabric, foam, elastic and plastic. Our safety knee pads are designed to ease the stress on the knees, allowing workers to kneel for longer periods and ensuring their safety for a long, long time.

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