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SafePace® 100 Radar Feedback Sign with Dolly

Budget-friendly and effective traffic speed control solution.
  • Notify drivers of their current speed on the road or in your facility and help slow down traffic speed with Safepace® 100 radar feedback signs.
  • Radar signs include a user-friendly Safepace® Pro Management Software application that provides a high-tech, interactive way of displaying vehicle speed while simultaneously collecting traffic data.
  • Use radar feedback signs with dolly for temporary speed sign solution in areas where a permanent sign installation is being considered.
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SafePace® 100 Radar Feedback Sign with Dolly


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SafePace® 100 Radar Feedback Sign with Dolly

  • Speed feedback sign features with a programmable strobe light that flashes above selected speed.
  • Speed signs’ FCC-approved Doppler Internal Radar display Minimum Speed / Maximum Speed, in either Miles per hour or Kilometer per hour units.
  • Weatherproof radar speed signs are NEMA 4X-12, IP65 level compliant, non-sealed and ventilated.
  • Radar speed signs feature MUTCD-conforming white HIP reflective sheeting on sign face with black text.
  • Pick from three power source type available: AC-powered signs, 4-cell battery powered sign, or solar-powered signs.
  • Energy efficient battery powered signs can last upto three weeks (depending on traffic volume).
  • Speed signs’ radar features a 5 mW maximum Radar RF out, 24.125 GHz or 24.200 GHz Radar f-center with an 800 ft. pickup distance.
  • Portable, lightweight, and compact radar speed signs with dolly can be easily transported to any location as needed.
  • Radar sign dolly comes with a lock to secure your speed feedback sign to any location.
  • Suitable for residential neighborhoods, school zones, shopping centers, corporate grounds, construction zones, and industrial areas.
  • Includes with standard banding brackets for mounting.
Item Type 4-Cell Battery Powered, AC Powered, Solar Powered.



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