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Tig Welding

Use tig welding supplies to weld thinner materials, weld on round objects, and create tricky welds such as arcs and s-curves.
Tungsten Inert Gas or TIG is great to use when you are welding reactive metals including copper, titanium, and steel or even two different metals such as magnesium and aluminum. TIG welding is a trusted welding technique that lets you produce clean and high quality welds, making it ideal for both manual and high quality welding. With this in mind, make sure that your welding equipment is up to par with your TIG welding application.
Ensure quality welds with Emedco's wide selection of TIG welding products. Get value for your money with our trusted brands of TIG welding supplies, from TIG torch bodies to TIG accessories.

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Looking for tig torches, torch bodies and other tig welding supplies? Look no further, Emedco's got you covered!
Shop for top quality equipment for all your TIG welding needs. Choose TIG consumables that offer durability and consistency.
Emedco's selection of welding supplies also include TIG parts and accessories. We have the collets and collet bodies you need to create the electrical contact necessary for good current transfer. We also have nozzles to provide a shielding gas coverage to the weld pool. Also available are power cables, power cable adapters, tig cups, large diameter g/l insulators, chemical sharpeners and chemical sharpener kits, valve stems, water hoses, gas lenses, cup gaskets, alumina gas lens nozzles, hose clamps, and tungsten holders.
If you need more than just TIG welding products, visit Emedco's Welding Supplies page. Find Gas Cutting and Welding Products, Welding and Cutting Accessories, Soldering and Brazing, Plasma Cutting, Filler Metals and more. Check them out today!

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