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When you need to take the temperature of an object that's out of reach, too hot to handle, in motion, or just generally difficult to handle, an infrared thermometer will come in handy to get surface temperature measurements.

Here at Emedco, we offer a great selection of infrared thermometers to help you get the most accurate temperature reading while staying at a safe distance from the object - perfect for taking a reading of moving or rolling objects, or objects where close contact is dangerous. Our Tempil Infrared Thermometers are user-friendly and features an electronic trigger lock for uninterrupted measurement.

So for these and other Measuring and Leveling products look around our site! We guarantee you will find what you need and more!

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Infrared thermometers are the equipment you need for safe and accurate temperature measurement of surfaces that are difficult or dangerous to measure.

Infrared thermometers are becoming a widely used piece of technology in many industries and environments for determining the surface temperature of heaters, ovens and engines, electrical connections, transformers, motors and generators, exhaust systems, boilers, and more. And it’s easy to see why. Imagine having to take the temperature of these equipments using traditional means! These instruments let you take temperatures from a safe distance, while still giving you an accurate reading.

Emedco offers a vast selection of thermometers and other Measuring and Leveling products Measuring and Leveling products to help you get the job done – be it for the home, office or for the job site. Our measuring tools and leveling devices are sturdy, reliable and easy to use. Check our hundreds of leveling and measuring tools including Inspection Mirrors & Magnifiers, Tape Measures, Gauges, Calipers and Dividers, Digital Thermometers, Measuring Wheels, Levels, Squares, Rulers, Plumb Bobs, and much, much more, all from top name brands such as Stanley®, Cooper®, Proto®, Empire® just to name a few!

So if you are looking for quality and innovative thermometers and other hand tools that do the job well, look no further than Emedco. We have all that you need!

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