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Custom Engraved Desktop Nameplates

Can’t find a nameplate that exactly matches what you want? Create your own then! Emedco’s custom nameplates include a rainbow of colors, numerous sizes and sleek mounting options that will let you come up with your very own nameplate.
  • All the guidance you need is provided below. If you need further assistance, please call 1-800-442-3633 and one of our product experts will help you come up with the exact nameplate that you want.
  • Tap your creative side and create your own nameplates!
  • Made of multi-layer acrylic and engraved with Gothic Normal lettering in a contrasting color, Emedco’s desktop nameplates add a distinctive look of quality and professionalism to your office, reception area, or lobby. Nameplates also serve to clearly acknowledge and identify your staff.
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Custom Engraved Desktop Nameplates


  • Front engraved nameplates offer 22 vibrant colors and come complete with either a lucite base or an anodized aluminum holder. Back engraved nameplates, meanwhile, are available in 7 colors with 3 back color options: Black, Ivory and White. Clearly with Emedco, you’ll never run out of options.
  • Front Engraved vs. Back Engraved
  • Construction: Front engraved nameplates are made of multi-layered acrylic engraved through the front layer to the second layer which is the letter color. Back engraved nameplates, meanwhile, are reverse-engraved through color to expose the clear front, then back-filled with letter color.
  • Price: Front engraved nameplates are more popular and cheaper than back engraved signs. Back-engraved nameplates, however, are tamper-resistant with their subsurface wording and graphics.
  • Letter Colors: Letter color for front engraved nameplates are usually limited to Black and White, whereas the back fill for the back engraved nameplates can be any color although we offer them in fixed colors: Black, White and Ivory.
  • Sizes: Front engraved nameplates are supplied in 6" x 1-12" and 8" x 2, while back engraved ones are available only in 10" x 2".
  • Holder Options: Our back engraved nameplates come with an elegant anodized aluminum slide-in holder, while for the front engraved nameplates, you can choose between a lucite base or a slide-in holder. Lucite bases are either clear or black, while the aluminum holders can be Silver, Gold, or Black.
  • Create your own nameplates today!
  • Call us at 1-800-442-3633 to learn more about our nameplates.


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