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Combination Eye/Face Wash Units

You can use combination eyewash and facewash units for on-the-job emergencies. Combination eyewash and facewash units deliver a concentrated, yet gentle, stream to the affected area. Choose combination eyewash and facewash units in the format that best meets your needs.

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    If you need emergency units for washing out the eyes and cleaning the face but very little space for two separate units, combination face and eyewash units may be your answer.
    Emergency face and eyewash units from Emedco combine both eyewash and a face-washing features in a single unit. These provide complete protection when someone is injured at work. These combination eyewash and facewash units are cheaper than buying a separate eyewash station and sink for face-washing._

    Other combination units, such as a shower and eyewash units, are also available at Emedco.