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Group Lock Boxes

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) recognizes the dangers associated with the unexpected powering up of equipment during servicing or maintenance. To prevent injuries due to this type of accident, the OSHA requires all facilities to have a lockout/tagout procedure in place.

Emedco acknowledges that all facilities are different. To that end, we carry a wide selection of group lock boxes necessary for ensuring that your lockout/tagout procedure is both efficient and appropriate for your operations. To help you in find the best one for your needs, we offer lockout boxes in 4 major configurations:

1.Combination Storage/Group Lock Boxes – These lockout boxes double as storage for keys and locks as well as lockout devices. Available in both wall-mount and portable styles, combination storage/group lock boxes come in different size configurations like the Breaker Lockout Pouch to the Premium Lockout Kit.
2.Wall-Mount Lock Boxes – Ideal for providing a centralized location for your lockout devices, wall-mount boxes also let you save on valuable floor space. All boxes feature a durable transparent window for easy monitoring.
3.Portable Lock Boxes – Ideal for easy monitoring of different group lockouts throughout your facility. Available in sturdy steel and corrosion resistant polycarbonate.
4.Modular Lock Boxes – This type of group lock out box let you stack one atop the other. Ideal when you want to expand your LOTO operations.

Besides group lock boxes, we also provide lockout/tagout equipment such as padlocks, seals, tags and other devices necessary for a successful lockout/tagout program.