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Gas Cutting and Welding Products

Emedco offers a wide range of quality gas cutting and welding products for all your needs!

Most manufacturing companies perform some form of hot work, especially those dealing with metals. Gas cutting and welding are two processes that are highly useful in these type of industries, but are also quite hazardous because of the gases involved. Make sure that your employees are trained in safe welding procedures and equipped with the proper protective equipment. More importantly, see to it that your facility uses only the right gas cutting equipment and welding products to avoid accidents and injuries.

Ensuring safety is a difficult task, but don’t worry! Emedco has everything you need not only to achieve quality hot work, but also to keep your employees safe from the hazards that come with gas welding.

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    Whether you’re looking for torches, flowmeter parts, or complete welding kits, you’ve come to the right place.

    Emedco’s extensive selection of gas welding supplies includes just about everything you need to complete your weld work properly and safely. We carry only top-of-the-line products from manufacturers you know and trust. For torches and handles, choose from Victor’s machine-cutting and straight cutting torches, Gentec’s cutting attachments and torch handles, and self-lighting torches from TurboTorch®. Our nozzles, tips, flash arrestors, regulators, and flowmeters are also from Victor, Gentec, Anchor Brand, Western Enterprises, and Goss®. With these big names in our product range, you can rest assured that you get your money’s worth!

    If you’re not up to purchasing individual welding supplies, our complete cutting and welding outfits are just the right thing for you. We have Cutskill® medium-duty outfits, Feather Flame® air-acetylene torch outfits, and more! Attend to general maintenance work faster with Tote-A-Torch Outfits from Gentec which feature portable cases and check valves. For hardcore acetylene hot work, nothing handles the job better than Cutskill® heavy-duty outfits.

    Aside from

    gas cutting equipment, Emedco also has hundreds of products for TIG and MIG welding, arc gouging, soldering and brazing, plasma cutting, and manual welding. Filler metals, parts, and accessories are available as well. So why search elsewhere? Everything you need is right at your fingertips here at Emedco.com.