Welding Safety - Safety Training Videos

Welding safety program help train workers on workplace safety measures.
  • Educate employees on the possible hazards related to welding by conducting welding safety training.
  • Welding safety video shows the information welders need to safely do their welding tasks on the job.
  • Some welding safety topics on the video include:
    • Proper welding safety procedures,
    • Sparking and the risk of fire,
    • Guards and protective barriers,
    • Hazardous fumes and ventilation,
    • The use of respirators and other personal protective equipment,
    • Eye protection (welding helmets, filters, glasses and goggles),
    • Inspecting welding equipment, and
    • Getting "authorization" for welding operations.
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Welding Safety - Safety Training Videos


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Welding Safety - Safety Training Videos

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