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5S Red Tags and Stations

Improve your 5S lean solutions at work with 5S tags! 5S red tags are best for the Sort step of the 5S process. Made from high-quality material, these lean solution tags can help you easily identify items to be moved to organize your workplace. Use these 5s red tags for handling and organizing inventory, communicating maintenance activities, or enhancing production at work. Accepted Production Status Tags inform workers when a product meets specific standards while OK To Use Production Status Tags inform employees when an equipment is ready to use after undergoing inspection or repair. Whether you need 5S tags or other 5S and lean products, you are sure to find them here at Emedco, the industry leader in sign and safety.

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One of the most important tools for the success of any 5S program is a visual aid, and 5S tags are the best example of this. 5S red tags are an essential part of the Sort step of the 5S program. These 5S tags keep everything organized while your company is going through the 5S processes, which are outlined below:* Sort - Go through your items in the workplace and discard the ones you don't need for your current operations.* Shine - Regularly clean and maintain your work area.* Set in Order - Organize, identify and arrange everything in your work area. This is where 5s tags and lean solution labels come in.* Standardize - Simplify and set your guidelines.* Sustain - Maintain what you have already accomplished by reminding your employees what needs to be done through the use of 5S and Lean Solution Signs. So if you want to improve productivity, quality, health and safety in your workplace, trust Emedco to provide you with top-quality 5S red tags and other 5S Lean Solutions that fit your needs! Our company can help you fulfill your vision and supply you with the right tools for the job!

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