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5S and Lean Solutions Signs

Aim for an efficient and effective work environment. Organize your work space now with the help of Emedco's line of 5S signs.

In a 5S-driven facility, employees know right away where things are or should be, all materials and tools are accessible, there's no unnecessary clutter, and one employee can work in another's station just as easily. One way of getting things started towards this road is by posting high-impact, visible signs that show workers proper 5S and lean practices. The 5S system, if implemented properly, can smoothly decrease lost time and effort and boost worker efficiency and productivity.

Browse through our selection of 5S signs and lean manufacturing products. Let the Emedco team help you achieve a working 5S system in your facility.

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Increase efficiency and decrease waste. Push your company’s level a notch higher with Emedco’s wide range of 5S signs and lean solutions.

The 5S methodology boosts effectiveness and efficiency in the workplace by identifying used items and storing the unused ones, maintaining the area, and sustaining the introduced order. It is in fact one of the main pillars of lean production, which many manufacturing companies have adopted nowadays. Emedco offers hundreds of signs that can help you implement 5S practices in your facility with wordings like HOLDING AREA, EMERGENCY EXIT, and SHIPPING. High-visibility overhead signs and heavy-duty construction signs are available as well. You can also choose from several sizes and materials, including steel, aluminum, and polyethylene. Plus, our 5S signs come with mounting holes for easy installation.

If you need a lot of signs and your budget is running low, Emedco still has a solution for you. Our range of lean products includesreusable stencils that are pre-worded with 5S messages. With stencils on hand, you can post multiple 5S signs on walls, hallways, and walkways in and around your facility. Our stencils are made of durable plastic for repeated use and easy cleaning – just wipe off the excess paint!

From signs and stencils to floor tapes and stations, trust Emedco to provide you all you need for a 5S-driven workplace!

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