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Drum Handling Equipment

Drums and barrels are time-tested and highly efficient containers for almost any kind of substance, especially fluid. However, industrial-scale storage drums and the likes are often difficult to manage properly. Their weight, shape and tendency to roll can pose hazards for those who attempt to transport or manipulate them without aid. Furthermore, drums can contain everything from harmless water to deadly toxic waste. It is important that any drum in your facility be taken care of properly, and that is where Emedco's diverse selection of drum handling equipment comes in.

Choose your drum handling equipment from the industry leader and find the right tool for the job. The time-tested Automatic Two-Drum Lifter is perfect for open- and closed-head plastic, steel and fiber drums. Then there's the Single Drum Gripper, which can pick up a 55-gallon steel drum without leaving the seat of the forklift truck.
Look no further. Emedco has the the drum gripper for your specific needs.

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In industrial settings such as factories, workshops, mining sites, and warehouses, the drum is king when it comes to storage, particularly for fluids. Whether for holding fuel, water, cleaning solution, waste and other liquid hazards, drums and barrels are the go-to containment solution.

However, their cylindrical shape and large size make drums difficult to handle and arrange without some form of aid. This is why drum lifting equipment is treated almost a necessity in any busy industry.

Think well when considering what kind of drum handler you will purchase. Select the drum handling equipment that best suits the environment and task at hand. Warehouse owners should consider a Fork Truck Drum Carrier and Rotator for transporting heavy drums across a large warehouse floor. Other solutions for moving filled drums include a Multi-Purpose Overhead Drum Lifter and Wrench, which is ideal for suspending drums to multi-level storage or stacking.

Choose Emedco when thinking about a drum handler because we are the pioneer in safety and security solutions.

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