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Pipe and Valve Marking

Pipe and valve markers are an important part of facility safety. By placing pipe and valve markers throughout your building, you can easily identify a pipe's contents, how to operate a valve or communicate any pipe- or valve-related hazards. Regardless of the pipe's size, condition, contents or location, we have a pipe or valve marker to meet your needs.

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Emedco has a wide variety of top-quality Pipe Markers and Valve Tags for your facility to use in various applications. Pipe markers are attached to or wrapped around the surface of pipes throughout buildings, marinas, etc. Valve Tags are used in the same way, as they are attached to valves and around pipes in many different applications. Marking tags and pipe markers are used to identify the specific use, function or content of a pipe. Various liquids and gasses are pumped through pipes for various destinations within a plant or facility. It is important for the safety of workers to know the exact contents of pipes.

At Emedco, you can choose from many types of pipe markers and valve tags for substances like ammonia, oxygen, water, hazardous gasses, hot water and much more. Pipe markers and valve tags can be customized using our design your own online application. It's quick and easy! Valve tags come in brass, stainless steel, aluminum and plastic.

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